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The IB course “Language and Literature” is taught in three languages at ACST (French, German and English).

The IB course “Language and Literature” is taught in three languages at ACST (French, German and English). In French class, Grade 11 and 12 students are preparing themselves for their Paper 1, which consists of an analysis of non-literary texts.


Graphic novels are a predominant genre in our study and last week, our students benefited from the visit of our community expert and artist, Chakib Daoud. Throughout the session, students were able to understand the author’s craft and thinking process to develop their own understanding of graphic novels’ features, but also practice some of the techniques themselves.


The French Language and Literature class wished to express their gratitude to Mr Chakib for sharing his eclectic skills with us.


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What a wonderful gift - to be able to open school with all of our students and staff back together on campus. As you can see from the smiles and the picture, we’re all ecstatic - so much so that even our mascot, Freddie Falcon, came out to greet students on opening day.

We are delighted to welcome 80 new students to our school and to welcome back over 340 returning students. It’s been a fun week!  We have students from 53 different nationalities this year, and we are ready to open our doors, hearts, and minds once again.
Our teachers have been working purposefully to focus on relationship building in their first weeks with students. We know that our distance learning program worked so well last year because we had developed trusting relationships with our students and their families. We know that now, after long periods away from school, students and staff need to take time to build those relationships again.
We are also working to prepare our distance learning program should we have to put that into action again - because of a government-imposed lockdown, a school-closure mandate, or a spread of COVID-19 cases within our community. We want to be ready and to communicate expectations clearly with parents and students well in advance. We hope that won’t happen, but we will be ready if it does.
Thank you for entrusting your children to us. We take that responsibility very seriously, and have worked very hard to ensure that safety and cleaning protocols are in place.  I appreciate all the extra steps you have taken as parents to help ACST open safely and stay open.
Please join me Thursday, September 3 in E-101, at 8:10 for a Welcome Back Director Q & A. I will be sharing some of our plans for the year and taking questions from parents.



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With the support of the American Embassy, ACST managed to have all of their new hires in Tunisia on time. Our new faculty are talented bunch and they come with rich and diverse backgrounds in teaching.

We have10 new faculty members joining us for the 2020-2021 academic school year! Check their biographies in order to get to know them. Please join us in welcoming:

  • Matt Kaun
  • Derek Harwell
  • Joe Bedetti
  • Justin Peavey
  • April Peavey
  • Josh Richardt
  • Carina Janura
  • Marie Dexter
  • Sarah Bellotti
  • Robin Andrews
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