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ACST Podcast #1

Hosted by Ryan Ayachi, IB Junior, for his first episode, he’s delighted to have Carl Blome & Lorin Kasten, IB Seniors, as his guests to raise awareness on their CAS Project PAT (The Association for the Protection of Animals of Tunisia) which is a non-profit animal welfare organization and animal shelter in Hammamet, Tunisia

The association for the protection of animals of Tunisia (PAT) is a non-profit animal welfare organization and animal shelter in Hammamet, Tunisia. PAT is devoted to the care of homeless animals and aims to find them a loving family. Many people committed to the animal cause are involved. They are determined to ensure that the situation of animals in Tunisia changes. But they can’t save more lives without your help!

Here are their contact details:
Tel. #: 55 516 213 / 53 334 543

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Life Beyond ACST

Yesterday, ACST high school hosted a special first-time event for Grade 12 students.
#TransitionToLifeBeyondACST Talks aimed to provide insights and advice into the transition from school to university life and beyond, through the sharing of real life experiences from parents and most notably, staff remembers.

These presentations will include some competence/ skills and basic tasks our students need to learn :

  • Avoiding Laundry Woes
  • Living with a roommate/flatmate
  • Staying Safe: How to Say No and Hear No
  • Basic Dorm Room Cooking
  • Living on a budget
  • Basic First Aid and CPR Skills

Huge thank you to parent Simona Cherif from the PTO for helping our students to build one essential skill for independent living: how to do your own laundry and not turn your whites pink!

#LifeBeyondACST #ACSTCounseling #ACSTPTO

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Valentine's Day at ACST

by Nicole Penaloza Manucci, Grade 7 student

This Valentine’s Day dance was incredibly fun! I feel like the food, drinks, music and decorations turned out better than I expected in the expected time we had to prepare it!

The dancing, the teacher co-helping in the food stands, the decorations and the tables were very entertaining! I think one thing that made Valentine's Day more entertaining was how there was more than one option, you could draw on the tables, play with balloons, dance on the stage, eat food, or take a break and sit down.

Some ways I would improve Valentine’s is by putting some more activities, and having a more open community for decorations, student ideas, and helping opportunities. Of course, with Covid-19 we have limited ways to make it so we can be together to help, but still it would be fun for next year to see more activities! I still really had fun dancing with my friends, and seeing other people have fun too! I think the slow dance was a very fun part of the Valentine’s Day dance simply because of the full romance theme, also because of how people had their take on it in different ways. I also quite enjoyed the limbo contest (watching it since I did not participate) I think it made us connect more and to create a more ‘party like environment’. Over all, I think considering the circumstances it turned out great and we also had a considerable amount of people attending too!

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