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I was one of the six ACST high school music students who attended the Western Europe Regional Honor Band and Honor Choir 2020 in Dusseldorf, Germany for the first time this year.

This music festival was founded three years ago and aims to gather many international schools in Europe and the Middle East to practice selected pieces of music to perform at a final concert. The festival is an opportunity for advanced music students from small international schools throughout the region to play music in a more intensive setting than they normally have in their school bands. A shoutout to Mr. Minaker, who made this trip happen and helped coordinate our busy schedule. It was so inspiring to experience being part of a high-level band of 80 high school students from 12 different schools. Coming back on Sunday, we were all exhausted from the intensive 8-hour practice every day but satisfied with our successful concert, new musical abilities, and the many friends we made along the way.

by Tamara Ghandour, Grade 10 Student


This year, in honor of ACST’s 60th Anniversary, the school will be hosting a Gala on April 11, 2020 at the Acropolium in Carthage. The purpose will be to help raise funds for this scholarship program.

The Gala will be an event the whole community can be proud of, and will be attended by our diverse parent community who are representative of international and local business, NGOs, and diplomatic missions in Tunis. Distinguished guests and alumni will also attend. The evening will begin with a welcome cocktail followed by a multi-course gourmet dinner, accompanied by a variety of entertainment.

ACST’s goal is to be able to offer this scholarship opportunity to many more of these deserving young Tunisian leaders of tomorrow. To do this, we are counting on you or your company’s support for the night of our Gala. The sponsorship opportunities for this event vary, and you may be assured that 100% of your donation will go directly to the tuition and expenses of our scholarship students. Other ideas for ways in which you can support this event include sponsoring an item for the auction and/or tombola. Items that would be appreciated could be a gourmet basket or gift from your country, artwork, as well as gift certificates for meals or spa services; the possibilities are endless. We have attached a sponsorship package, and are happily available to answer any questions you may have.

Our students come from around the world, speak many languages, and are united in their love of learning. As an American school, we emphasize developing well-rounded students. We value academics, athletics, and the arts, as well as service to one’s community and to those less fortunate. ACST has been opening doors, hearts, and minds for international and Tunisian students for 60 years.  We look forward to doing this for more Tunisian students for at least 60 more.

Please see the attached pdf for the different opportunities to sponsor this wonderful program. We are very grateful for your kind consideration!

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MASAC Varsity Basketball @ AAC

This past weekend, both boys and girls varsity basketball teams traveled to the American Academy of Casablanca to participate in MASAC. I congratulate both teams for making it to finals, which has not been done in basketball for a while at ACST.

The girls won their first three games and made it to finals, to play a tight match against the American School of Tangier. We played our absolute hardest and gave our best, with the score being 17-14 - we lost by one basket. There was blood, bruising and tears, but we supported each other through it and held our heads up high to receive our 2nd place trophy. I am particularly proud of our strong fight and happy to announce that our coach did end up shaving his legendary beard as a bet to a few of our wins.

As for the boys, they did win their first two games, however lost their third match against the Casablanca team. Fortunately, they won their semi-finals match against the Rabat American School and made it to the finals. They played against the Casablanca team again, and they went harder than ever. With a score of 32-24, they came in first place and brought home the beautiful trophy.

All members of both teams played well, but there were a couple of all star players voted “most valuable players” by the coaches. Emma Moody, Annkathrin Dix, Khadija Derouiche and Zeraly Saromines all played the last match with real emotion, they poured their soul into every lay-up, pass and dribble possible. As for the boys, Youssef Bensaad, Etienne Thomas, Adam Grossenbacher, and Youssef Shehadeh were also all-star players. These players hustled up and down the court, trying their best to perfect each shot and pass. You could see the passion they had for the game reflected in the light of their eyes.

Of course, this entire season could not have happened without the wonderful coaches. Thank you Mr. Ferreira, Mrs. Sonya, and Mr. Otsing for dedicating so much time, hard work, and effort into all the planned practices. You have not only taught us how to play basketball, but you have both taught us what it means to be the best version of ourselves both on and off the court, and we can not thank you enough for that.

By: Sophie Cherif, Grade 11 student

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