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MS Volleyball Season

By: Adam Mrad, grade 8 student

Being a member of the volleyball team was without a doubt the most memorable experience of my whole middle school years. This game requires hard work and dedication.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, the Middle School students would meet and work on strengthening their skills with the help of Coach Malek for the MS boys and Coach Sonya for the MS girls. Throughout the season, as each of us began to devote more time and effort to the sport, our enthusiasm for volleyball grew.  We played 3 different games during that time. The first game against the Kram was challenging for both teams.  Whereas the second game against the Canadian school was much easier after numerous practice sessions.

As for the last game, it was extremely tight and intense as it required endurance, power, speed, and agility from the MS boys. As for the girls, they had a tough time against the other team, as they were up against a more experienced group.

Overall, this experience was the best experience I ever had throughout my middle school years, and I am looking forward to continuing to play my favorite sport in high school next year.

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SLC Open House

On Friday, Nov. 12, the SLC team hosted an open house for ACST parents to see the new space and have some coffee and cakes.

Thanks to the parents that came to the secondary learning center open house! Parents had an opportunity to tour the newly remodeled SLC and hear about the plans for the future. They also had a chance to peruse the stacks and check out their favorite books.


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ACST Cleanup Club

“I thought beaches are beautiful; it made me sad to see the state of the beach filled with trash." words expressed by our 11th-grader Natalie Thomas, as she first picked up the marine debris and waste from La Marsa beach in June 2020.

She felt content that she could make a small yet impactful contribution towards nature and its inhabitants. She aimed to take this initiative further and create awareness among our community so that we all can contribute in keeping our beaches and water bodies clean and not pollute them by throwing plastic and debris into them.

“I know that the school would be open to launching a new club and that is why I launched the Clean-up club at ACST and I have been amazed by the number of people attending our last beach clean-up event. People do care about their environment and that is one thing I have learned during this eye-opening experience.”

Stimulating students to become balanced, independent and self-determined learners.


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