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During the past month, the PE and Counseling department in grades 9 & 10 have been working with students on learning how to be HealthSmart during weekly Falcon Time lessons. Our specific focus has been on studying the effects of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.

Your Child Learned About:

  • Norms and perceived norms related to substance abuse in peers their age.
  • Consequences that substance use and abuse can have on various parts of our lives (physical, mental, emotional, social, work/school, future, etc.)
  • How peers can influence choices about vaping, other tobacco products and alcohol.
  • How to say NO and resist pressures to use tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.

You Can Help:

  • You play an important role in helping your child make the healthy choice to stay drug free.  This is a time when many young people feel pressure to vape or use other tobacco products, alcohol and marijuana, and some may try these drugs.
  • It's not unusual for young people to worry about others who use tobacco, alcohol and marijuana.  No matter what you do yourself, you can share your desire for your child to be drug free.  Review with your child the addicting power of nicotine, alcohol and other drugs, and the importance of refraining from trying any kind of drug until a much later age.

Below is an example of how you can speak to your child; specifically about peer pressure and alcohol.

Throughout the year we will touch on more topics and in other grades as well.  We are following the HealthSmart National Health Education Standards created by

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Wednesday Wellness Day

In alignment with our MSA Organizational Capacity Objective on Student Health and Wellness, our secondary advisors collaborated to plan and implement a Wellness Wednesday session for High School students during Falcon Time.

With the many stressors our students and teachers are facing during these uncertain times we felt the need to incorporate some fun and relaxation. Teachers offered a wellness activity and students were able to select the activity which most suited them!

Much needed and appreciated by all!

Hoping for our second Wellness Wednesday at the end of October for grades 9-12!

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