Buses and Transportation

  • ACST transportation offers 15 different routes with over 150 stops, which cover approximately 80% of the areas ACST students, reside. Factors such as cost, time, distance and student enrollment are taken into consideration when determining annual bus routes. As a result, bus routes can vary from year to year.

    The ACST transportation department aims to establish pick-up and drop off points, which are as close as possible to student homes. However, in some cases, the implementation of a new bus stop may exceed time and economic constraints and may therefore be deemed unfeasible.

    To avoid possible disappointment we recommend that parents discuss bus availability with the Transportation Office before establishing new residence or when planning to move to or within Tunisia. Since routes are established and seats allocated in July / August in accordance with bus contracts received, seats may not be available from the new location later during the school year.

    ACST also provides a second bus option. The After School Buses (ASB) as an additional service for students attending After School Activities (ASA) and the ACST Athletic Programs. The scheduled time of ASB departure from ACST is 4:15 pm. 

    Kindly be informed that there are no other buses available after the 4:15 pm departure from ACST. Students involved in the ACST Athletic Program will have to make their own arrangements for getting home after practices, games and weekend practices.

    Depending on the numbers of students or coaches using the ASB mini buses, routing of buses may change from school year to school year depending on demand(s).

    The current schedule by stop/location area can be obtained from the Transportation Office.
    Morning pick up schedule could vary from an area to another but they usually start around 7:00 am for an arrival to ACST at 7:45 am.

    The afternoon daily running time will be as follows:


    First Drop off   

    After school Activity bus  

    Monday – Thursday    





    No Bus

    If you have any further questions, feel free to contact the Transportation Office at transportation@acst.net

    Omar Mrad
    Business Office
    Tel. +216-71-760905 ext. 111 - Fax +216-71-761412

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