• The Elementary School focuses on the total development of each child and provides many opportunities for personal and academic growth in a nurturing, structured environment. We provide a coherent, consistent learning program that will encourage each child to become a lifelong learner with strong foundational knowledge and skills. Classroom teachers, school leaders, counselors and specialist teachers provide services that consider the whole child, both academically and socially, in all areas of the program. Within a continuous learning and assessment cycle, we set high expectations for all of our students and work alongside them, supporting them in their learning.

    The Elementary School begins with a Pre-Kindergarten program where learning takes place in a supportive and nurturing environment. Pre-K children build a positive attitude toward themselves and toward literacy and numeracy. Literacy learning begins in infancy and children have many experiences with oral and written language before they come to school. The Pre-K program builds on what the child already knows about oral language, reading, math and writing. Activities allow for experimentation with talking, listening, writing, reading and math. All of this is done through a climate of trust and partnership between teacher and parents. This mutual support and open communication helps to ensure a successful experience for each child.

    The language arts curriculum is tailored to each student through individualized reading programs, as well as a readers’ and writers’ workshop methodology. Math is taught with an investigative, problem-solving approach designed to encourage thinking and mathematical reasoning. . An Inquiry approach is used in science, challenging each student to investigate natural phenomena, all the while having the opportunity to work with a range of materials in real life, and relevant contexts. The signature of American education is the inclusion of a fully resourced library/media center and its accompanying curricular integration. Developing information literacy and research skills and promoting recognized and award-winning children’s and young adult literature drives the library/media center curriculum.

    All students participate in the library, art, music, physical education and world language programs, taught by teachers who are specialists in these areas of instruction. Information technology is integrated across all of our learning areas. There is also an after school activity program where students can partake in a wide range of experiences as of 1st grade.

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