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  • hager Welcome to the School Nurse web page for the American Cooperative School of Tunis. Along with the rest of the ACST community, we endeavor to promote the well-being and academic success of all our students. We do this by developing relationships with families, providing education and resources regarding health concerns, and monitoring the health and welfare of our school community. We apply a holistic approach, taking into consideration the whole person, physical, emotional, and spiritual, in order to best care for our students and school.

    For your use, on this page you will find school medical forms, our health unit procedures, and information regarding childhood health and wellness.

    We look forward to caring for your children this school year.

    Warm regards,
    Hager Azouz

    School Health Forms

    Student Medical Form
    Formulaire Médical pour étudiants

    Regarding the Student Health Form:

    • This form is required for all students applying to the American Cooperative School of Tunis.
    • This form has consolidated the school physicals for all student applicants, returning students, and student athletes.
    • This form is to be completed in full and signed by a parent and physician, and, submitted to the Nurse's office before a student attends classes or participates in any activity.
    • This form may be completed in your home country but may not be dated any earlier than six months prior to the start of the school term.

    ACST reserves the right to withhold a student from classes and activities until this form is completed in full and returned to the Nurse's office.

    Medication Authorization Form
    Temporary Absence of Parents

    Health information
    Health Unit Procedures
    When to Stay Home
    Common Cold
    Snort, Sniffle, Sneeze
    Sore Throat
    Ear Infection
    Fast Facts About Antibiotic Resistance
    Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)
    Chicken Pox
    Hand, Foot and Mouth
    Head Lice FAQs

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