• News From the Transportation Dept.
    By Omar Mrad, Transportation Manager

    bus As we have started the 2016-2017 school year, we wish to thank you for the support you gave us during the last year.

    We hope you understand our efforts are intended to safely get all students to and from school and reduce the riding time.

    Over the last week we did put in place a three-day training:

    “The Smith System”  (www.drivedifferent.com) for all our school drivers (12 Drivers).

    The purpose was to achieve some theory practice & training time behind the wheel with a senior instructor and the adoption of mandates standards that apply to school bus drivers across the world.

    The program was a way to align each driver’s experience to ACST’s needs for our students riding the school bus (mornings s & afternoons) and target any geographic or location-specific issues and any potential risk factors.

    All ACST drivers are experienced and do require different training and mandatory refresher courses, which we aim to develop on a more regular base in order to target each level of experience and to handle different situations on the bus and how to interact with safely transport of students to and from school.

    We hope to provide all parents & guardians with a team of safe, respectful and caring professional drivers as we hire only the best for your school & community.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us at transportation@acst.net if you have questions or concerns over the year.