• Diplomatic Bazar, 2017

    Posted by By Layla Kattermann, CAS leader of the event on 12/8/2017

    At a time where the political scene and international relations divide into many issues, the Diplomatic Bazaar brought 60 different countries and cultures together. On Sunday, November the 18th, several ACST students spent their day at the Kram Exhibition Center, volunteering for charity and to promote peace for thousands of visitors.

    The Diplomatic Bazaar is an annual charity event organized by the Group of Spouses of Heads of Diplomatic Missions and representatives of accredited international organizations in Tunisia (GC CMD-ROI).

    It aims to sell traditional products from foreign countries represented in Tunisia and also offers a buffet and a raffle. Proceeds from the sale of the products of the diplomatic bazaar will be paid later to Tunisian associations.

    The Students were divided into four groups to be able to help at four stands. One group helped to sell food at the buffet, one group helped to sell books at the bookstore, one group helped in organizing donated clothes, and one group looked after the raffle.

    The students performed excellent shifts, interacting with people from every corner of the world, which emphasized their knowledge of issues of global importance.

    The United Nations Sustainability goals were also addressed at the bazaar, in order to raise awareness of Tunisia’s position on the way to sustainability.

    The event was a truly enriching experience for everyone who participated, which made us realize that life has no purpose if you do not help others, develop yourself through activities, take risks, try new things, contribute to the welfare and development of the community around you, and most importantly, draw a smile on people’s faces.

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  • Mghira Disabled Center Projec

    Posted by Mohamed Ali, CAS Mghira Project leader on 12/1/2017

    On Saturday the 11th of November, a group of students and teachers were invited to visit the Mghira Disabled Therapeutic Farm on Eid Al-Shajara (Tree Day). The Lions Club and officials from the Ministry were with us for a collaborative partnership to support the youth there. As the current leader of this project, I was honoured to receive such an invitation. My CAS team, as well as several ACST teachers, were introduced to the sustainable farm by Mr Qabil, their Green Committee Leader, who gave us a tour of the whole center, including the farm and the playground. Our main objective for the visit was to plant four or five olive and citrus trees, while also interacting with the disabled and providing them with snacks brought by our ACST CAS students. Everyone was given a chance to contribute with planting the trees, whether it was shovelling out soil or placing the actual tree in the centre of the ditch. These trees we planted can be used to sell olives and citrus fruit after they have finished growing. Surprisingly, they had organized a party for us. They offered us a delicious snack of warm tabouna bread and olive oil, and the ACST students placed their drinks and snacks on a table to share with them to create a friendly atmosphere. We were also given a chance to see the projects completed by past ACST IB CAS students who, over the past 8 years of continuous sustainable CAS projects, had built and furnished a section with 4 classrooms, planted fresh almond trees, along with olive and four-season lemon trees, donated a chicken coop, and planted ornamental plants in the greenhouses donated by a bank. Overall, we had an excellent time working and interacting with the disabled kids at the center. The smiles on the faces of everyone genuinely made our time there all the more worth it.

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