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Working at ACST

The American Cooperative School of Tunis (ACST) has been serving the expatriate community in Tunisia for over 60 years. Located at the northernmost point in Africa, on the Mediterranean Sea just a short hop from Europe, this vibrant American international school has a student body of 450 students from more than 60 nations. Tunisia is an amazingly beautiful and historically interesting country that is one of the top tourist destinations for Europeans.

ACST’s mission of Opening Doors, Hearts, and Minds extends to its teaching staff.  We bring teachers from around the world and work together to learn as we help our students learn and grow.

We offer a competitive salary and benefits package to overseas hires, which includes furnished housing, utilities, annual flights home, professional learning allowance, health insurance, life insurance, retirement, and shipping allowance.

    •    2022-2023 Vacancies
Job Opening:
ACST is searching for a teaching assistant and accompanist for our music program. The idea candidate will have the following qualifications:
    •    Be able to accompany both music teachers in both classroom work and in concerts. The ability to play piano at a high level is essential for this position.
    •    Experience playing/teaching other musical instruments.
    •    Experience teaching music to students.
    •    A good command of English. The ability to understand and speak English is preferred.
    •    The ability to be flexible and work across divisions with two teachers and students from Pre-K to high school.
This can be a full-time position, or a part-time position for the ideal candidate (one who can serve as an accompanist at a high level).

Interested internal candidates should contact by Friday, June 3 at 3:30.

Opening Hearts

ACST has been opening the hearts of students, staff, and parents for 60 years. What began in 1959 with eight students in an old barn has become a special place where more than 5,000 students have come and opened their hearts to each other and to learning.