After School Activities

ACST offers a wide assortment of After School Activities (ASA) throughout the school year. We host three sessions of 10 weeks each and activities are offered by grade level and type of activity. Each session boasts a multitude of options.

The activities are led by ACST teachers and staff, by other students, and occasionally by parents or outside instructors. The offerings range from cooking to coding, from dodge ball to Jazz Band, and from the National Honor Society to the Green Team.

After School Activities give students an extra hour at the end of the school day, to explore interests they may not have had a chance to cover in school, with other students who are interested in the same thing. There really is something for every student, from kindergarten to grade 12.

For more information about After School Activities contact: 

Chris Cronin                                                                   Dean Mossop

Director or Athletics & Activities                        Elementary ASA Supervisor                                                


Elementary After School Activities

For elementary school students, ASAs run from 3:00-4:00 pm, in three 10 week cycles. Students sign up for a range of activities led by teachers, staff, parents, outside experts, and high school students. Activities range from athletics, such as soccer, basketball or swimming, to arts and crafts, drama, and musical theater. ACST encourages parents to lead activities that they are passionate and knowledgeable about.

Middle School After School Activities

For middle school students, ASAs are more like clubs, where students choose an area of interest and work with other students and an adult who guides them. Examples of after school activities include athletics (basketball, volleyball, soccer, and swimming) to Roots and Shoots (a gardening and environmental club) and robotics. Students who wish to start their own club or activity are encouraged to do so by finding an adult who is willing to supervise and can help them stay organized and on task. Timings for middle school activities depend on the activity, with some ending at 5:00 pm.

High School After School Activities

High school students have many options for after school activities. Many students take part in varsity athletics. In addition to sports, high school students run after school activities for younger students, join or create clubs of their own, participate in Model United Nations, Student Government or National Honor Society. High student have the freedom and independence to use the Fitness Center, the Secondary Learning Center or make time to work with teachers after school.

Opening Hearts

One of the hallmarks of American school system is the belief that children need a well-balanced program of education. We strive to open our students’ minds to new possibilities and new experiences. ACST students are not only scholars, they are also athletes, artists, change agents, responsible citizens, and caregivers.