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Technology Requirements

Technology is integral to teaching and learning at ACST. We have designed a program following the ISTE standards that is developmentally and age appropriate. In elementary school, students use iPads as tools for learning. We have a school-owned 1:1 iPad program beginning in kindergarten, although screen time is limited in the early years. ACST uses SeeSaw to communicate with parents about each child's learning.

At ACST we believe that technology can be a powerful learning tool. Technology expands the opportunities for learning beyond the walls of the school. Teacher and student use of Google Classroom and the "Google Workspace for Education" improves opportunities for collaboration, feedback and research, and innovation.

In the secondary school, we have a 1:1 laptop program. For the 2023-24 school year, all students in Grades 6-12 are required to bring their own laptop to school. The laptop will be checked, and user agreements must be signed. ACST has used Apple laptops for its technology needs, but for next year, students who wish to bring a Chromebook or PC may do so, providing they meet the school specifications. Once a student has been admitted to ACST, parents will be provided with laptop specifications and procedures for school use.


Opening Doors

At ACST, we have an open admissions policy. This means we accept students who we can serve and we help them grow to their full potential. While other schools might use their admissions process to select only the best talent, we take pride in the fact that our educational program seeks to develop talent.