Service Learning

Our ACST community is committed to opening its heart to others. 

Service Learning in the Elementary School

Elementary students take part in a number of service learning initiatives. Students take part in working in community gardens, and a Roots and Shoots group leads the gardening, recycling and green initiatives. Elementary school student also participate in clothing and food drives. 

Service Learning in the Middle School

Middle school students participate in service learning as part of their Tunisian Studies trips. They look for ways to help the community they visit. Students also participate in school fundraisers and initiatives, and some students take leadership roles in service learning opportunities.

Service Learning in the High School

High school students, being more independent, have greater responsibilities and opportunities for in participating in and leading service learning. For IB students, participating in CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) experiences is required, but most of our students find these experiences rewarding and fun. Our high school students lead initiatives at school and visit sites around Tunis and Tunisia to help out at schools, community centers, and hospitals. High school students play a leading role in fund-raisers and relief efforts.

Opening Hearts

One of the hallmarks of American school system is the belief that children need a well-balanced program of education. We strive to open our students’ minds to new possibilities and new experiences. ACST students are not only scholars, they are also athletes, artists, change agents, responsible citizens, and caregivers.