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When ACST was founded over sixty years ago, it began as a cooperative school—started by a few parents who wanted to work together to create a community of learning for their children

Our school community is wide ranging and represents dozens of nationalities, cultures, and languages. Our  community includes families from embassies and diplomatic missions as well as families from non-governmental organizations, international businesses, and others. These organizations are valued partners of ACST and provide opportunities to our school community. 

The Tunisian members of our community are one of the foundations of our school. These long-term families are our historical memory and they help the newcomers to ACST to integrate into, to understand, and to appreciate Tunisian culture. 

As you can see, the community at ACST has much to offer, and stands to gain much from each member's involvement and contribution.

At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents.

Jane D. Hull


Opening Doors

Students, staff, parents, and community partners make up the ACST family.  We open our hearts to each other as we learn, love, grow, and together serve our community. We are united by our commitment to providing each and every student with extraordinary care, exceptional teachers, and ever-improving facilities.

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Last Day of School