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Living in Tunisia

Tunisia is a beautiful country located in the Maghreb region of North Africa, on the Mediterranean Sea. It boasts approximately 800 miles of coastline and some of the the most beautiful beaches in the world. Though small, it is widely diverse, including not only beaches, but also the eastern end of Atlas mountain range, the northern portion of the Sahara Desert, fertile agricultural areas, and fascinating desert oases.

Tunisia has an incredibly rich history and has some of the world's finest Roman ruins, historic walled cities, and medieval-era mosques. It is home to eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

With its mix of Arab and European cultural influences, Tunisia is well known for it multiculturalism and open-mindedness. Arabic and French are spoken throughout, but English can be heard more and more, particularly among young people and in the major cities.

ACST is located in a suburb of the capital city, Tunis, across the road from the U.S. Embassy. Most housing for school personnel is located nearby, amid shops, cafes, and restaurants.

With its great Mediterranean climate, numerous destinations for travel, delicious food, and friendly people, Tunisia is a wonderful place to live!



Opening Doors

Students, staff, parents, and community partners make up the ACST family.  We open our hearts to each other as we learn, love, grow, and together serve our community. We are united by our commitment to providing each and every student with extraordinary care, exceptional teachers, and ever-improving facilities.