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    The ACST Board of Governors consists of nine voting members, with the provision that five must be U.S. citizens. All are ACST parents or legal guardians. (ACST employees and their relations are ineligible to serve on the Board.) One teacher representative and one representative of the U.S. Embassy are non-voting members of the Board.

    The Board works closely with the Director, who is delegated the day-to-day business of the school. The Board’s core business is to:

    • Act as legal fiduciaries
    • Plan strategically
    • Develop and review school policy
    • Ensure that the school’s mission and vision is fulfilled
    • Hire, evaluate and renew contract of director
    • Assure effectiveness and evaluate own performance

    This year, the Board has adopted several additional strategic goals and created task forces to address them. The Board invites interested members of the ACST community to join any of the committees or task forces.


    Exceptional boards govern in partnership with the head, recognizing that the effectiveness and success of the board, the head, and the school are interdependent.

    2016-17 Board Members

2016-17 Board Members
2017-18 Board Officers

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