Returning Students

  • Re-registration of Returning Students

    Re-registration of returning students for the 2018-2019 school year takes place during the month of May. The Finance Office contacts each family to confirm inclusion of bus service and/or lunch tickets on the invoice. The invoice and related documents will be emailed soon after the call and originals will be available at the Finance Office.

    In order to complete the re-registration process, parents were required to return by May 31st a signed original of the following documents: contract, fee schedule, payment instruction sheet and bus registration form (if applicable).

    Beginning June 1st, all available seats will be offered to new students.

    Please note that the invoice due date for returning families is July 31st. Students will be included in the class lists and be able to attend classes only after payment is received in full (or first installment of an approved payment plan is received).

    Medical Forms

    An updated student medical/health form must be submitted upon admission to ACST and then again in grade 3, grade 6, grade 9, and annually for upper school students participating in athletics. The form must be submitted to the nurse's office prior to the start of the school year. Students will not be permitted to participate in after-school activities, off-campus trips, and extra-curricular activities until the form is submitted to the nurse's office. Students who have received immunizations during the past school year must submit an updated immunization record.

    Student Health Form  

    The Student Health Form is required for all students applying to the American Cooperative School of Tunis.
    The Student Health Form is to be completed in full and signed by a parent and physician, and, submitted to the Nurse's office before a student attends classes or participates in any activity.
    The Student Health form may be completed in your home country but may not be dated any earlier than six months prior to the start of the school term.
    ACST reserves the right to withhold a student from classes and activities until the Student Health Form is completed in full and returned to the Nurse's office.

    Bus Service

    If you did not use the bus service before and wish to enroll, please go to the following link and follow the instructions

    Technology Considerations

    In August 2017, ACST introduced the BYOD (Mac) program in grades 9-12.  

    BYOD, (Bring Your Own Device)  is one of the most popular programs in secondary education because it gives students continuous access to learning resources and it promotes student responsibility. In our efforts to continue to continually improve, and given the success of the BYOD program in the High School this past year, we have chosen to expand the BYOD program to include grade 8.

    Technology Requirements For August 2018
    All grade 9-12 students will be expected to come to school in August with their own Apple laptop. In cases where that family is unable to provide an Apple Laptop, the family can borrow a school device for the school year.  
    Grade 8 students will be expected to come to school in August with their own Apple laptop or their own Chromebook or to use a school provided device for the year.
    Grade 6 and 7 will be issued a school laptop to use while they are on the school campus. These devices will not be taken home.

    All secondary students must have access to a computer with an internet connection for research and work while at home.

    Students grades 8-12 will have their own laptops or loaner devices to use at home and at school.
    Students in grade 6 and 7 will need access to a device at home for homework as needed.
    Most of the time there is no problem transferring files between Mac and PC, but students using a different platform at home should always leave time to test and troubleshoot when moving between platforms.


    Students in grades 3 and up will be issued an ACST Falcon Mail account. The school's Falcon Mail system is built around the Google Apps for Education service, and provides students with an email account (Gmail), access to a suite of online applications (Google Docs).

    Please note that from the following school year, August 2019,

    • All students 8-12 will need their own device.
    • There is a possibility that grade 7 will join the BYOD program. This will be confirmed by Dec. 2018.
    • There will be no opportunity to borrow a device from school.




    Contacts and Questions

    Elementary School
    Sahar Akrout
    +216-71-760-905 x151
    Fax number is +216-71-761-412
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    Secondary School
    Jihene Dakhli
    +216-71-760-905 x150
    Fax number is +216-71-761-412
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    Finance Office
    Houssem Miladi
    +216-71-760-905 x212
    Fax number is +216-71-761-412
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