Principal's Message

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    Welcome, my name is Lesley Tait and I feel very privileged to be the Elementary School Principal for ACST. Our Elementary School consists of Pre-K to Grade 5 classes. Our teachers are highly qualified and very experienced. I am impressed by their knowledge and dedication.

    In the Elementary School, one of our main objectives is to develop in each student a love of learning. We want each student to feel that ‘buzz” of excitement when they learn something new, whether it be in academics, sports or the arts. Successful adults are those who love to learn and who know how to push themselves forward into unknown areas. We want our students to develop this lifelong habit.

    Secondly, we work very hard to ensure that every student develops the core curricular skills of reading, writing, math and science. These are foundational areas for future learning and we will support every child to reach their own potential.


    “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

    Another objective for us is to ensure that our school functions as an effective inclusive community; one where everyone feels safe and secure and where each individual knows how to be a successful member.

    Working alongside parents is very important to everyone at ACST. We encourage you to join in with the school, visit us often and talk and share with us about your child. I love nothing better than chatting with students and parents.

    The year promises to be a great one at ACST.

    Lesley Tait
    Elementary Principal