Principal's Message

  • 'Opening Doors, Hearts, and Minds'


    It is with great pleasure, that I welcome you to the secondary school at the American Cooperative School of Tunis. The school year 2018-2019, will be my first year at ACST. I am honored to be your secondary school principal and welcome the opportunity to meet with each one of you at your earliest convenience. At ACST our school motto is opening doors, hearts, and minds.

    Our doors are open to all students in grades 6-12. ACST takes pride in being a friendly school that welcomes students and visitors to our campus. Through our rigorous academic program and robust extra-curricular options, all secondary students have opportunities to explore subjects and activities with breadth and depth. ACST students’ will have the opportunity to earn an American equivalency high school diploma along with the globally recognized prestigious international baccalaureate diploma. We are proud of our ACST graduates as they continue their education at universities around the world.


    "Turning information into knowledge is a social process and for that, you need good relationships." Michael Fullan (2001)

    Our hearts are open to providing a high level of care for each other. ACST is a collaborative setting with a vibrant student life. Students will build lifelong relationships with their peers and teachers. All ACST staff will model healthy interactions. We embrace our K-12 school at ACST and recognize and support our students as they transition from elementary school through the secondary school grades. The Falcon is American Cooperative School of Tunis’ school mascot. We rally around our school mascot as it is a source of pride and it is at the epicenter of ACST school spirit. Everyone at ACST is a Falcon. Some Falcons can be found out on the pitch and others can be making music in the school auditorium. We celebrate student involvement, improvement, and accomplishments. After all, we are a school and we like to have fun and cheer each other on. Go Falcons!

    Our minds are open to learning, taking chances, failing, and getting back up again. We encourage students to have a growth mindset. Our teachers are ready to support, challenge, and teach as students move through their learning journey. We place a high value on critical thinking and letting students learn to think for themselves, rather than be told the answers. We embrace moving students out of their comfort zones in order to create optimal learning opportunities.

    Stop in for a visit. My door is always open...well, almost. Please stop by the secondary office. If my door is open, then come in, if it is closed, then we can chat at the next available time. When you meet me, please let me know who your child is or children are at ACST and what part of our global community you call home.

    Go Falcons!

    Kevin Thomas
    Secondary Principal