ASA After-School Activities

    After School Activities

    ASA has 3 sessions and each session will run for 10 weeks.  Please see the dates below:

    Session 1: 10th September until 30th November 2018

    Session 2: 7th January until 15th March 2019

    Session 3: 25th March until 31st May 2019


    1. ASA's run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 3:00 pm until 4:00 pm, with the exception of the Learn to Swim program which runs until 4:45pm.

    2. What kind of activities has ACST offered students in the past? (click on the link below to see what we offered last year) (This link is for people who belong to the ACST Community. To to gain access to this section please email

    3. Once students have selected their ASA they are not allowed to add or change their activities.
    4. Students who start ACST in the middle of an ASA session are allowed to join activities as long as the activities are not already full. 
    5. Due to the number of staff and student at ACST we have grouped the students as you see below:

    Kindergarten and Grade 1

    Grade 2 and Grade 3

    Grade 4 and Grade 5

    Grade 6 to Grade 8

    Grade 9 and Grade 10


    6. Parents are able to offer an ASA on a voluntary basis.

    7. HS students are able to offer as ASA as part of their CAS requirements.  CAS Students will be designated an ASA mentor who will assist, and be a support person throughout the session.

    8. ACST provide a second school bus that leaves the campus at 4:15pm.  


    If you have any questions about the After School Activities please contact the Director of Athletics and After School Activities 


    Chris Cronin

     If you have questions, contact us please

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