Learning Centers

Welcome to the ACST Learning Centers

Our Elementary Learning Center (ELC) and Secondary Learning Center (SLC) offer students, staff, and parents resources and space to learn, read, explore, and relax. Our Learning Center staff is ready to collaborate with teachers to design and implement experiences for our students in any of our different areas.


In ACST studios, students and teachers have access to professional cameras, lights, and a green screen to facilitate communicating creatively through film and image projects. The studios are also equipped for teleconferencing, providing a connection to experts and other students around the world.


Our ACST iLabs are equipped with desktop computers, projection, and printers needed to achieve ACST’s information technology learning goals. In particular, the iLab is a place where learners are empowered to construct knowledge, produce creative artifacts, and make meaningful learning experiences for themselves and others.


The ACST libraries offer students and teachers an extensive collection of print books, eBooks, audio books, and research tools to support learning goals. Students are empowered to take an active role in choosing books and resources to read for personal enjoyment and for gathering information.

Reading Rooms

The ACST reading rooms are the quietest places on campus. Students and teachers will find cozy spots to curl up and read and, in the SLC Reading Room, tables for spreading materials out for study.

Opening Minds

At ACST, our learning is increasingly based on inquiry, where students take an active, rather than a passive role. Instead of the traditional model of a student as an empty vessel needing to be filled with knowledge, we are moving towards putting the student in the driver’s seat as he or she leads the learning.