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Learning inspires.

At ACST, our teachers engage their students with daily opportunities to question, explore, and make sense of the world around them. Each classroom at ACST is a community of learners. From our youngest learners to our soon-to-be graduates of the IB Diploma Programme, ACST students are engaged readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, social scientists, and artists—all of this while actively demonstrating our ACST Core Values.

ACST teachers make use of inquiry, concept-based instruction, and the workshop model to provide authentic and enriching learning environments for students. Integrated investigations allow students multiple opportunities to make connections across subject areas and topics. Together learners collaborate, reflect, and reason while they develop the mindset and skills to effectively make their deep thinking visible.

We invite you to step into our joyful teaching and learning environment by exploring our specific educational programs linked on the right.

Education is not the filling of a bucket,
but the lighting of a fire. 

 W. B. Yeats


Opening Minds

At ACST, our learning is increasingly based on inquiry, where students take an active, rather than a passive role. Instead of the traditional model of a student as an empty vessel needing to be filled with knowledge, we are moving towards putting the student in the driver’s seat as he or she leads the learning.

Group Coaching for Parents