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ACST promises and delivers a K-12 standards-based curriculum. Using American-based K-12 standards, our teaching is intentionally sequenced to provide a coherent progression for learning. These internationally-benchmarked learning expectations allow teachers to design engaging and focused lessons that build student understanding, knowledge, and skill.

Our written curriculum makes use of the Understanding by Design (UbD) model for unit development. Beginning with the end in mind, our teachers identify desired results, determine acceptable evidence, and design learning sequences that engage students in the process of learning. Standards-based teaching requires carefully tailored assessment practices. Daily learning targets help students monitor their progress toward unit goals. Along the way, there are multiple opportunities for students to demonstrate their growing knowledge and skills. Students demonstrate their learning and new understandings through products, projects, and performances.

A Balanced Curriculum: Educating the Whole Child


Opening Minds

At ACST, our learning is increasingly based on inquiry, where students take an active, rather than a passive role. Instead of the traditional model of a student as an empty vessel needing to be filled with knowledge, we are moving towards putting the student in the driver’s seat as he or she leads the learning.