Theatre 1797

Theater 1797 is ACST's state-of-the art, 420-seat theater. It boasts a video projection system, sounds system, and stage lighting, as well as seating that can be arranged in a variety of configurations.


Theater 1797 was named to honor the Treaty with Tunis, which was signed in 1797 between the United States of America and the State of Tunis. The treaty states :


"There shall be a perpetual and constant peace between the United States of American and the magnificent Pasha, Bey of Tunis and also a permanent friendship, which shall more and more increase."


With that goal of permanent and increasing friendship in mind, we use our our theater to reach out to the community beyond ACST. We welcome organizations—particularly non-profit, charitable, and educational groups—to use the space for performances, cinema screenings, conferences or trainings. In additional to all school performances, Theater 1797 has hosted a variety of events that are open to the general public, including jazz concerts, screenings of Tunisian movies, and concerts of local musicians.

Coming Attractions

Scheduling the Theater

Theater 1797 is available for external use at times that do not interfere with the operation of the school. We particularly welcome non-profit, charitable, and educational organizations.


For scheduling and other information, please contact Lœtitia Laclide via email at


The Theater 1797 schedule is also available on Facebook.


Past Events

Tunisia 88 Concert

The "Association Action et Développement Solidaire" celebrated its project Tunisie 88's one-year anniversary by organizing a concert of classical music at ACST.

Concert in A Minor by Edvard Grieg, Movement 1

Taiwanese Folk Song pour Choeur

Ya Bledi

Samra Ya Samra

What a Wonderful World


On Saturday, February 17, a concert was held by Remix, a local band which plays popular western songs, played with traditional Tunisian instruments, known as TAKHT. TAKHT is the representative musical ensemble of Middle Eastern music. It consists of the Oud, the Qanun, the Violin and the Ney. For this special performance, Remix restyled American jazz classics such as Caravan or Night in Tunisia, in tribute to the institution hosting our event.

The Flower of Aleppo


Carthage Symphony Orchestra


Opening Doors

Students, staff, parents, and community partners make up the ACST family.  We open our hearts to each other as we learn, love, grow, and together serve our community. We are united by our commitment to providing each and every student with extraordinary care, exceptional teachers, and ever-improving facilities.