• BYOD is one of the most popular programs in secondary education because it gives students continuous access to learning resources and it promotes student responsibility. This past year marked the beginning of the BYOD program at ACST. The year started smoothly with about 50% of students taking advantage of the loaner program and the other 50% purchasing their own devices to use at school. BYO-Mac has continued throughout the year and has proven to be popular with both teachers and students.

    “It makes information so much more accessible. If we need to pull up anything it's right there” ~grade 12 student

    “The best thing about BYOD is that our bag is less heavy with a mac than with books and we can type faster on the computer than writing on a book.”  ~grade 10 student

    “It is easier to access as compared to last year where you had to ask a teacher first or go to another class when the there weren't enough laptops”  ~grade 11 student.

    “I prefer typing on my computer than writing in my notebook. Some online learning websites helped me understand more.” ~grade 9 student

    Because  BYO-Mac in secondary has been so successful, ACST is moving forward to extend this program to the students in grade 8 next school year.  

    Starting August 2018

    Grade 9-12 can choose to

    • Buy their own Macbook
    • Use an old MacBook as a loaner for the year.  (This is the last year of the loaner program)

    Grade 8 can choose to

    • Buy their own Macbook  or Chromebook
    • Use an old MacBook as a loaner for the year. (This is the last year of the loaner program)

    Grade 6 & 7 will

    • Have a school-issued MacBook or Chromebook
    • This will stay at school and be checked in and out every day.

    All grade 8-12 students will be expected to:

    • Bring a fully charged and functional laptop and charger to class every day
    • Have a good backpack or case that makes it easy to carry and protect their computer
    • Keep this laptop secure in their lockers when the device is not being used
    • Register the laptop with the  ACST iT department so wifi access can be set up at school
    • Respect and follow parents’ and teachers’ instructions and guidelines
    • Continue to follow A.C.S.T’s Appropriate Use Policy  and contract agreements. (See Below)

              Grade 8-12 OWNER   Grade 8-12 Loaner  Grade 6&7 Loaners

    Please note that

    • The loaner program will end June 2019.



    Why BYOD?

    To empower each student with the tools that they need for academic success and to promote respect and responsibility.



    Why Apple? ACST has  a long and successful relationship with Apple Computers; our teachers are trained in their use and our technicians have expertise in supporting Apple computers. We have found Apple Computers to be robust and reliable. Apple computers come with software that is used to create media for classes (e.g., iMovie and Garageband). Use of Apple will provide consistency in learning, support, and software throughout our program.
    What if our family is not in a position to purchase an Apple before August 2017? ACST has a fleet of loaner laptops that can be checked out for the 2017-18 school year. Should a family choose this option, they will be responsible for replacement cost should the computer be damaged, lost or stolen. A survey will go out soon to determine how many families plan to participate in this program
    Which Apple and where can I buy one? Any Apple Laptop that supports OSX 10.9 or above and has at least 4 G Ram and a 128 Gig Hard Disk. If you are purchasing a new laptop, we recommend a 13” Macbook Air that retails for 999USD in the USA or 1099 Euros in France. We will also recommend some local vendors as the pricing information comes to us. We also recommend a QWERTY keyboard to allow consistency.
    Why a BYOD program? This will allow students 24/7 access to files and learning resources without raising capital costs for the school. BYOD programs are also shown To increase students’ sense of ownership and responsibility with technology.
    How will ACST support the students’ laptops? Our trained Apple support technicians will support your Apple laptops. This includes software fixes and troubleshooting. In the event that hardware must be replaced, the family will have to purchase parts. Our technicians can replace the parts.
    What happens in the event of theft or loss of a student laptop? These machines belong to the family therefore families are responsible for all loss or theft. ACST security will attempt recovery if theft happens on campus, but the school assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items. Students will also be encouraged to use “Find My Mac”; this service can be helpful in the recovery of lost items.
    What about at home? What do parents need to do? Parents should make sure their sons and daughters are using their devices responsibly and safely.  
    Can parents purchase laptops through the school? ACST’s Finance department is investigating this possibility.
    Are there any recommended accessories? A protective shell is highly recommended.
    What if I still have questions? Visit https://www.acst.net/BYOD Or email Susan Winderlich, Head of Educational Technology at swinderlich@acst.net