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MASAC Varsity Volleyball Tournament @RAS

During our volleyball tournament this year at Rabat American School, both our girls and boys demonstrated great teamwork, spirit, hard work and their love of the sport.

The preparation that took place in the course of these last few months was intense; it required commitment from both the players and the coaches. This also couldn’t have been done without Mr Cronin and his management and constant support. Thank you to Mr Thomas as well, for his leadership and encouragement throughout the entire tournament.

The MASAC tournament brings together 7 teams:

  • American Cooperative School of Tunis
  • American Academy in Casablanca
  • Rabat American School
  • Casablanca American School
  • American School of Tangier
  • George Washington Academy
  • American School of Marrakesh

Both our teams displayed serious behavior and discipline. Our boys team dominated the court - they were tenacious, driven, and always focused on accomplishing their goal. I am very proud to see how far they have come as individual players, but as a team as well, managing to bring in the 1st place trophy for the third year in a row.

Every player contributed to this success, however, only four could be awarded the Most Valuable Player award at the tournament. This year, it went to the four pillars: Youssef Ben Saad, Youssef Shehadah, Adam Grossenbacher, and Amine Ladjimi. Other young players should be recognized for their amazing work as well. Paul, for example, was one of the newcomers this year, but his skills developed quickly and he became a crucial part of the team. Our girls weren’t as lucky in terms of ranking, but they still had great technical ability and tried their best. They fought hard and demonstrated grit in every game. The MVP was awarded to one of the seniors, who has been playing exceptionally well in her years on the team: Oyku Sulu. Credits go to Coach Karima and Coach Sonya for their work with the girls - your dedication and hard work is appreciated

Since many members of both teams will no longer be with us next year, we have to look to the future. We encourage every young and talented athlete to join and help us rebuild the teams for years to come. Remember that every great player once started not knowing anything about volleyball, so don’t be afraid to try!

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When there is a need, there is a will

Abdullah and Muhsin from grade 12, accomplished their CAS personal project by delivering 35 bags of school supplies to a public Middle School downtown Tunis.

They have been collecting these items at ACST to help 35 needy students work properly at school. Along with a group of ACST students, we went there on Friday, November 22nd and handed in the supplies. Students with their supervisors welcomed us and were very happy with our visit.

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MASAC Swim Team

During the past weekend ACST hosted the annual MASAC Swim Team. Our visiting teams were from Casablanca American School and Rabat American School.

The visiting teams had the opportunity to have a practice session at the pool on Friday and enjoyed a cultural day visiting Sidi Bou Said and the Carthage Ruins, also enjoying a pizza at Tam Tam Pizzeria. The Swim Meet was a huge success, where ACST dominated the races bringing home numerous gold, silver and bronze medals and winning the overall team awards.

Putting an event today is a huge task and on behalf of the swim team, we would like to thank Mr. Chris for organizing the event. Ms. Pascale for both coaching and organizing the actual swim meet. And a big thank you to Ms. Malek, Mr. Brahim and Mr. Hassan for coaching our swim team.  The swimming pool was packed with volunteers, students, parents and teachers. We would also like to thank everyone who attended to support this event.

Congratulations to the swim team, who have worked hard to beat their personal best times. This event was a great event to get warmed up for our even bigger swim meet at ACS Athens in March 2020. Here we will be competing against schools from Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

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